View More: Healthy Tribe is based on our personal family struggles, challenges and knowledge. We’re here to share, inspire and inform you on fitness, nutrition, parenting, relational health tips, and personal development. We’ll even give you some of our favorite recipes that can help you detox, lose weight, balance blood sugar, heal your gut or just enjoy! Like a tribe, it takes a village to get through life! We ALL need help in this world and we get that by learning from each other. All of us are experts in our own way.  We all have something to offer and we want to connect with you! People are our commitment! We want to teach you the key to balancing and optimizing your life! We all must honor each other’s unique gifts, abilities, strengths, even our weaknesses! We want you to feel you can share your stories (promise no judging)-the ones that go deep. Those experiences that have shaped your perceptions, beliefs and attitudes. The reasons why you think you can’t be financially wealthy, or land that promotion, lose the unwanted weight, or chase your dream of becoming something different than what you are. We’re here to help guide you through our knowledge by dispelling common myths about nutrition, helping you identify where to focus your life (your key priorities),how to set and reverse engineer your goals in ways you’ll be sure to meet or surpass them! You don’t have to live in mediocrity just surviving to get through each day.  We want to help thrust you into living!

Let me introduce our Tribe-There’s Paul, my caring and devoted husband, who loves to fish (hence his Alaska trips every summer)! He’s a licensed Chiropractor/Kinesiologist specializing in Holistic & Functional Medicine. Paul’s practice is located in Mission Viejo, CA and he’s been in business for over 13 years. Paul’s passion has always been to help people. He’s dedicated to getting his message out there that we need to be more responsible for our own health. Thus, really work on ourselves not only physically, but chemically, structurally, and spiritually. Paul frequently holds health talks at his office (on various health topics) & teaches a back class at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA every Tuesday evening.

Then there’s our three sons: Mason (6 yrs old), Trent (4 yrs old), and Logan (2 yrs old). They always keep us busy and on our toes! There’s never a dull moment in the Garcia household with three little boys so close together in age. A perfect recipe for lots of fights, messes, laughter (very loud laughter) and an abundance of love! I can’t lie, sometimes I feel like pulling my hair out (anyone relate?). But they’re our everything and we want to stick around as long as we can to watch them evolve!

Lastly, there’s me (Deanna)! I have two passions: working out (especially hot yoga) and photography (keep an eye out for some of my photos I’ll share on this blog). I’ve been a SAHM-Stay at Home mommy since Mason’s birth and while raising my children I’ve been on this continuous journey of improving my own health (which included losing my baby weight after all 3 “natural” pregnancies, combatting self worth & self image issues, skin and hormonal changes and managing my scoliosis). We’re committed to sharing all of our knowledge with you (no fluff just honest real stuff), whether it’s to return you on the right track or move you forward to the next level! We all could use some leveling up (or improvement). So let’s get started!

If there’s anything you wish for us to post about, please reach out to us! We want to serve as your resource, your coach, your accountability partner-your friend! If there’s someone you think could benefit from our Blog-please please forward this on to that person or group of people! After all, that’s what life is all about:  helping each other get connected! We look forward to posting for you, reading your comments and hearing your feedback!

-The Garcia Tribe!