Our utmost goal is your health and vitality. At our functional medicine clinic, we are here to identify and treat what other doctors have missed; we are here to help you achieve your highest level of health so that you can live your life to the fullest.

The Path to Healing

Our aim with functional medicine is to listen to what the body is saying through the manifestation of symptoms and diseases and to take a much deeper analysis of the body as a whole unit, realizing that all of its members and faculties work in harmony. By closely examining a patient’s microbiology, environment, lifestyle, stress factors, and genetics, we can identify the origin of the imbalances and start correcting them with confidence and direction.


Functional medicine seeks to understand and balance body systems by looking beyond symptoms. Instead, we look deeper into the root causes of disease and chronic illness. Investigating the mechanisms which cause imbalances and systemic dysfunctions, functional medicine uses the latest research-based testing methods and diagnostics systems to get to the core of the issues and develop customized treatment protocols based on each patient’s unique needs. Once the body’s key underlying triggers are identified, our inherent healing capabilities go into action and restoration takes place without unnecessary surgeries or pharmaceuticals.

Unlike typical Western doctors whose aim is often to prescribe and treat based solely on symptoms, functional medicine looks at the body as a whole, and seeks to treat the underlying problems that are causing the symptoms in the first place. What might show up as migraines for one person may manifest itself as chronic fatigue in another, and while one person may have constipation or diarrhea, another might present with severe acne. All of those symptoms, however, are all signals that tell us the body is struggling from the inside out. Symptoms are, functionally speaking, our microbes and cells communicating to us as best they can. Before a disease manifests, the body creates alerts to let us know that help is needed. Allergies, anxiety, autoimmune diseases, blood sugar imbalances, high cholesterol, depression, insomnia, thyroid abnormalities, uncontrollable weight gain and so many more chronic dysfunctions are all looked at through a lens of understanding and comprehensive diagnostics.

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In our practice, we know and understand firsthand that you are not your symptoms. You are quite literally sick and tired of being told “you’re fine” when you feel like your body is screaming otherwise. We understand. Begin rejuvenation, restore your joy and regain control of your health today.