I had been suffering from health issues for many years, but in the last 2 years my health had really gone down hill. Conventional medicine was just adding more prescriptions and I still wasn’t able to live the active lifestyle I wanted. Or used to live.

I wanted to be healthy, I want to be able to hike, and go to theme parks, ride horses, or whatever other fun thing my family wants to do and not have to either sit on the sidelines and watch or them skip it and pretend they didn’t really want to do that activity in the first place.

Well it had only been 30 days. But in that 30 days, my breathing has been better, my stomach has been less tight and swollen. I have developed allergies that are no longer an issue. I can eat beef and pork again. I have a ton more energy and I can’t wait to continue to see what other results I get. I never thought my body could heal this fast at all let alone with just natural treatments.

I’ve been very impressed with how good I feel, all the things I have learned and with your willingness to answer any and all questions.

I feel that I’m getting my life back.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Garcia and already have. Of course I would want my friends to have the same feeling of hope and health as I have had. That is a no brainer.

~ JENNIFER SPARKS Mom Meridian, Idaho

I was referred to Dr. Garcia by a fellow flight attendant 14 years ago and I’m so grateful!Over the years 13-14 years you treated me, I feel like we not only had a professional relationship, but you are a friend. I thank you for listening to me and caring. I thank you for teaching me how to better care for myself and for being there when I needed your help. You’re calm, thoughtful and knowledgable. You always take the time to listen and then educate me about what’s going on and then how to get better. I always feel better and can depend on you to help. I would highly recommend Dr. Garcia!

~ Cheryl Barnet Flight Attendant Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

1. What made you decide to get help for your Asthma?
My breathing has been getting continuously worse over the past few years and I didn’t want to keep taking the steroids I was prescribed. Also, was scared with COVID and my breathing.

2. What made you decide to work with me versus another doctor or practitioner?
Heard many good things about Dr. Garcia from my wife and several of her friends. Wanted to treat the underlying cause and not just the symptoms.

3. What was the biggest goal you wanted to achieve from our work together?
The biggest goal was to clear up my asthma naturally without medication

4. Was that goal accomplished? If yes, why?
The goal is still in the process of being accomplished and have seen good improvements with my condition. I have been able to stop all steroids and also was able to stop Protonix that I was taking for chronic esophagitis.

5. What was the best part of our work together?
You have been very patient and knowledgeable, having all our questions answered thoroughly has been nice.

6. What were the biggest results from our work together?
I have lost 30 pounds through the diet and supplements you have recommended. In addition my asthma and digestive symptoms have decreased significantly, and I have been able to start exercising again.

7. Would you recommend my practice and services to others? If so, why?
Yes i would because it’s always a friendly and informative experience.

~ M. Jennings Boise, ID

1. What made you decide to get help for your thyroid/gut sx’s?
I was unable to function as a mother, a partner or at work at a therapist. I was at the doctor frequently, emergency room and urgent care. I was spitting up blood for several months, my energy was extremely low and I could not do basic things. I could not digest my food. The doctors could not find anything wrong with me, despite spitting blood. I was eventually diagnosed with severe intestinal inflammation and after biopsys I was told I was developing abnormal intestinal tissue, ulcers and acid reflux. On top of all the physical issues I was also dealing with panic attacks and severe anxiety.

2. What made you decide to work with me versus another doctor or practitioner?
I was recommended to Dr. Garcia approx 10 years ago by a family who’s daughter had Autism. I began using Dr. Garcia when I was 28 years old for fertility issues and precancerous cervical cells. I was told by 3 medical doctors I needed the LEEP surgery on my cervix. After 6 months of being on Dr. Garcia’s protocol my symptoms cleared up and I no longer needed surgery. So, now at the age of 39 I began having health issues after my 5th child and knew I could trust Dr. Garcia to help me again.

3. What was the biggest goal you wanted to achieve from our work together.
I wanted to feel good and be active again with my kids.

4. Was that goal accomplished? If yes, why?
Yes, my energy levels are back. I am feeling good. I do not feel poisoned like I did before working with Dr. Garcia. I am no longer spitting blood and my digestion has improved. My anxiety or what I thought was anxiety disappeared. My headaches are gone.

5. What was the best part of our work together?
I began feeling better after just 2 weeks and after 3 weeks I felt amazing. I feel Dr. Garcia is very thorough with evaluating my symptoms. His recommendations really work!

6. What were the results from our work together?
The results of Dr. Garcia’s protocol feel like a miracle. I can digest my food. I lost 15 lbs in 3 weeks. I feel good, have energy for my family and I did not need to take pharmaceutical prescriptions. My migrains stopped. Its just amazing how fast I began feeling myself again.

7. Would you recommend my practice and services to others? If so, why?
Yes, because it works! It may even save your life.

8. Any other comments you’d like to make about our work together?
Dr. Garcia is always very calm and confident about his recommendations. I felt my health was in the worst shape it had ever been. I was scared and worried that maybe it was too late. When I met with Dr. Garcia he reassured me that things would get better on his protocol. I’am very happy I placed my trust in Dr. Garcia’s hands. I cant thank Dr. Garcia enough for giving me my life back.

~ Angie Pulido-Banner, PhD, Licensed Psychologist, Wellington, Nevada

As an avid tennis player I was in a constant ordeal with neck and back problems. Dr. Garcia’s adjustments were perfect and as a result, I not only continued playing tournament tennis, I learned a lot about my body.

Dr. Garcia knows so much about the body function and nutrition. He really taught me how to take care of my body in a successful natural functional way. I’ve never been big on medical doctors who seem to solve everything with a drug. I have always appreciated the time he took to listen to me and work with my body. After listening to my “complaint” is always able figured out what the problem was. Made the adjustments and then checked again to make sure the problem was solved. and voila! Instant results.

My main goal was to learn better nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. At 78, I’m still going strong. I take no medications.

I’m still here playing Pickle-ball, hiking and doing my Yoga. And best of all, I’m happy and healthy.

The best part of the treatments is actually time we spent together. You taught me so much about nutrition and caring for my body.

I have total trust and confidence in your expert advise. Everything you have every advise me on has worked for me. It has been a huge comfort for me to have you as my major health resource.

I would recommend Dr. Garcia anytime, anyplace anywhere to anyone who wants a better healthier lifestyle.

You are the quintessential example of what you teach. Anyone who looks at you is looking at a picture of health. Additionally, you will be sorely missed and I have no doubt that I will follow you to Boise via telecommunications should I run into a problem.

~ Dorthy Hurford

I made the decision to see Dr. Garcia for Crohn’s disease / irritable bowel? I had a colonoscopy and was diagnosed with Crohn’s. I wanted to explore holistic medicine because the idea of annual colonoscopies, immune suppressants delivered every 2 months via IV, quarterly blood tests to monitor my liver, etc did NOT appeal to me.
I was referred to Dr Garcia by a friend who, along with her mother, had been seeing Dr Garcia for several years.

I wanted to reduce my inflammation, improve my bowel movements, eliminate my constipation, gain weight, reduce my pain and discomfort, increase my energy, improve my sleep, improve the quality of my skin, improve my microbiome, and more.

My goals were accomplished! We performed blood test and stool tests before I started the treatment and 6 months later. I reduced my inflammation by 90%. My gastroenterologist was so amazed that he kept asking me what medication I was on. I told him that I was on no medication: just the diet changes and some supplements.

I followed all of Dr Garcia’s advice and he helped me get results extremely quickly and efficiently. It took a few weeks for my system to settle down and then I started to see and feel the improvements.

I would recommend Dr. Garcia to anyone looking to improve their health. He is very knowledgeable and supportive. I was able to get results very quickly.

~ Brian B. Software Developer

I made the decision to get help for my plantar fasciitis.  I had suffered with it for 3 months, hoping it would go away on its own. I asked Dr. Garcia to recommend a podiatrist because I thought that was my only option. I was attending Dr. Garcia’s weekly core class that he voluntarily taught at church. He told me he could help me instead of going to a podiatrist who would likely recommend cortisone shots.

I did not want to go to a podiatrist and just be given shots. I wanted the plantar fasciitis to be healed completely.  Previously,  I had asked for advice after class about some pain in my lower back.  Dr. Garcia gave me advice and told me to use a tennis ball and massage the area .  It worked!  I had confidence in him that he knew how to help me without giving me a lot pills and medication which I did not want to do.

The goal was to get rid of the plantar fasciitis and it was accomplished with weekly sessions with Dr. Garcia.

The goal was accomplished.  It took time and patience on my part, however, Dr. Garcia was confident that he could heal me and he did!

The best part is I completely trusted  Dr. Garcia.  He was  very patient with me and allowed me to ask as many questions as I needed  to when I saw him.

He is a quiet spoken and peaceful doctor  which  helped  me relax so I could get better sooner..

I took Dr. Garcia’s 16 week class at his office to learn about improving my metabolism and how it would help me lose the stubborn fat weight that exercise had not been able to do.  He was again so confident and encouraging I was able to try it and have lost almost 20 pounds! 

I was willing to try because he does it himself which was very encouraging to me!  I also brought my lab results from my holistic doctor and asked Dr. Garcia to look over them and let me know what he thought about them. 

Dr. Garcia is always punctual and ready to see me at our appointment time.  I really appreciate this because I make an effort as well to be on time for our appointment.  He always gave me time in the beginning of our appointment to answer any questions I had and to give me additional advice.  He never rushed me or made me feel he didn’t have time for my questions or concerns even though our appointment was only for 20 minutes.  I always felt so much better after our appointment and my plantar fasciitis has never come back.  Honestly,  I don’t think I will find a replacement for Dr. Garcia.  He really is an exceptional Doctor.

~ M. Connors – Retired Teacher

I can’t say enough about the positive experience and results I’ve had as a patient of Dr. Garcia’s. I came to Dr. Garcia four years ago after being fed up with other physicians’ “quick fix” approaches to issues such as chronic knee and back pain, PCOS, Amenorrhea (lack of menstrual cycle), oily skin and hair, hormonal acne, depression, anxiety, and infertility. I knew that I needed to find a doctor who would do more than prescribe pills. After one appointment, I knew I had struck gold with Dr. Garcia. After one visit, I felt relief in my back, neck, and knee. Subsequent visits focused on helping me eliminate toxins, repair my adrenal glands, heal my gut and overcome multiple nutritional deficiencies. Soon, I noticed that my hormones seemed to be stabilizing. It was easier for me to maintain a healthy weight, my acne and oily skin began clearing up, and my mood improved. He was confident that my menstrual cycle would eventually even out and encouraged me when I had given up on that possibility, and thus, had given up on ever conceiving my own child naturally. About one year later, I had regained my menstrual cycle and a few month after that, I was surprised to find that I was pregnant! Amazing! And not only did I become pregnant, I had a healthy pregnancy and just recently have given birth to a beautiful and perfect 10 pound baby girl! I could not ask for more. I am so grateful for the care of Dr. Garcia who has truly found his calling. He is a cut above the rest and he genuinely cares about his patients’ overall health and wellness. Thank you, Dr. Garcia!

~ Jessica Wrasman

Choosing Dr. G as my naturopath was the first and most important step in my health journey. Thanks to Dr. Garcia I have both my health and life back…minus 50+ pounds, PLUS a quality of life which was unimaginable before. Thank you Dr. Garcia and team! Here’s to the next 5 years of health and happiness.

Marina Barbosa

I love Dr. Garcia~. He has really help me start to overcome my adrenal fatigue and thyroid issues. I love that he wants to get to the cause of our health issues and not just fix the symptoms. He’s very caring and really takes the time to fix the underlying conditions that lead to health problems.

Cheryl Powers Pinedo

Love this place, Dr. Garcia who is a childhood friend, who I trust entirely has given me my life back! I have been really ill and un-diagnosed for almost going on 7 years! I have been seeing Dr. Garcia for just under 2 months and I am better than I could have ever wished for!! Thanks to DR. Garcia & genuinely nice staff there!!

Nicole Marquez

Dr. Garcia is amazing! He really knows his stuff, is able to get to the root of the problem, and how to fix it. I’m always amazed how my condition continues to progressively improve in the days following my visit. Highly recommend!!

Bill Hartery

I have been a client of Dr. Garcia’s since about 2005. His knowledge is very extensive and one of the biggest things I Love is that he looks at the whole body and not just the skeletal alignment. After years of body pain and other issues, Dr. Garcia was the one that told me I had sensitivity to gluten. Once I removed it from my diet, the pain and issues went away. Over the years he has been very instrumental in helping me improve my health in every way. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate him at 100

I can’t say enough about how knowledgeable, honest and gracious Dr Garcia is. My whole family sees Dr Garcia and they (along with his staff) are genuinely good people ready to help heal their patients holistically. They aren’t supplement pushers like many other practitioners, or in it for the money. Dr Garcia has great bedside manner. He uses muscle testing and various other functional tests to identify issues in the body that normal bloodwork can’t catch (or really any other diagnostic western testing). You won’t be disappointed with Pacific Coast! My health has improved significantly under his care. If you are looking for a really cool, humble and honest place to go to and more importantly, feel better, this is the place!

Lane Campbell

I was recommended to Dr. Paul Garcia by a friend. I had excruciating pain from my back down to my left foot. So bad I had to limp to walk. When I called to make an appointment, the person on the phone gave me hope it could be fixed. I was vary hesitant because I saw 3 other chiropractors that weren’t able to help me at all. Dr. Garcia found that my back and foot pain was actually coming from and imbalance in my gut. After about 4 visits, I no longer have any pain in my leg or foot. To say I’m extremely happy is an under statement. Very nice people…I highly recommend.

Mike Holland

I first went to Dr. Paul in August of 2014 because he was in my church’s business directory, but now I don’t want to go elsewhere! He makes me feel comfortable & I trust him much more than I do MDs & go to him before going to an MD because Dr. Paul works on the root of the problem, where as MDs just treat the symptoms & they usually do that with prescriptions which are harmful to people. He makes most of my MDs look like a bunch of quacks! In addition to being a top notch chiropractor, Dr. Paul is an expert in functional medicine, digestive health, & applied kinesiology and keeps himself up to date through professional development in all of these specialties. He has helped me with severe pain, nutrition, & even losing weight. Dr. Paul listens to his patients & is very patient with them- even when they are hardheaded like me & resists his advise until learning the hard way that he is right. He is very smart, compassionate & proved in many ways that he is there to help people- that his patients are more important than the buck. Dr. Paul loves what he does & his patients are his top priority. He is also very personable, and quickly seems like an old friend. Dr. Paul’s office is very clean, modern, & peaceful. I was so pleased that I took my mother there & quickly made a huge Dr. Paul fan out of her as well, plus recommend all of my friends to him!

Kathy Kirk

My back felt so much better when I left Dr. Garcia’s office! An lumbar epidural a week before didn’t get rid of the pain, but Dr. Garcia did! I’ve been seeing him since August of 2014 & again he surprised me with how fast & how much better I feel!! Thank you!!! I have referred Dr. Garcia to many & will continue to do so as I refer to him as a miracle man! Forget the M.D. & go see Dr. Garcia to get to the root of the problem, not just treat the symptoms.

Kristy K

Dr. Paul is awesome. He is very personable and knowledgeable in his field. In four months of working with Dr. Paul, I have been able to improve my health, change my bad habits, lose 40 pounds (so far), and generally feel much better.

Ryan Bouley